Live Answer Call Management (Managed Call Screening/Transfers)


At Live Answer Receptionist, You're always in full control

Initial set up
When you first sign up to Live Answer Receptionist you supply a range of basic details: 

  • Your company name 
  • Your preferred greeting for callers 
  • Your expected call back time: the timeframe in which your receptionist will tell the caller you'll get back to them 
  • The email address you want your messages sent to 
  • The number for which you want to receive messages by SMS 
  • The number you wish to receive your screened calls utilizing
          Live Answer Call Management.

You are then supplied with a private Live Answer Receptionist telephone number, or Toll-Free number, to which any of your phones can be forwarded. You control how the forward works - whether it's automatic or only activated when any of your public numbers are unreachable or remain unanswered after several rings.  You can also publish your new LiveAnswerReceptionist telephone number instead of call forward.

When your Live Answer Receptionist answers ...
A skilled professional receptionist will answer your telephone calls in your company name using your preferred greeting, and take the caller's name, number and a short message. You receive immediate notification (including the caller's message and contact details) by email and SMS.

You can have your callers directed to your Voicemail or have the receptionist screen the call utilizing Live Answer Call Management.  You can choose to take the call or ask your receptionist to take a written message or offer your voicemail or email, or all of these, it is up to you.

Your business sounds bigger. You never miss important calls.  You will wonder what you ever did without your personal LiveAnswerReceptionist. 
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