These questions are some of the most commonly asked questions based on the services we provide.  If you have a question that is not displayed below or require additional assistance, please call us Toll Free at 888-404-9634 or 
e-mail us at [email protected]

Question: How will my callers reach the my Receptionist?
Answer: Your customers call your usual business numbers and are routed seamlessly to your Receptionist via Call Forwarding, a service provided by your telephone company.  You are welcome to publish your LAR Assigned Local or Toll-Free Telephone number which means no need to forward calls and may relieve the need for high volume cellphone contracts when used as your main line.

Question: Can I forward my cell phone to your service?
Answer:  Yes, you can forward any number of business or personal lines to your exclusive phone number. 

Question: Do you answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365
days a year?
Answer:  Our LiveAnswerReceptionist answer your calls live Monday-Friday 9am-5:00pm EST.  Our Virtual Receptionist will professionally answer your calls before or after business hours.  You can also have your calls redirected from your Virtual Receptionist after hours to any number of your choosing such as a cellphone or other.

Question: Do you offer your services nationwide?
Answer:  With today's technology, we are able to offer our services worldwide.  It does not matter where your business is physically located. 

Question: What kind of training does your staff go through?
Answer:  Our LIveAnswerReceptionists receive extensive training in call handling procedures and customer service protocol.  We place a tremendous emphasis on providing First Class Service.  We will ask for your feedback repeatedly to ensure you are 100% Satisfied.  We aim to please.

Question: How does your LiveAnswerReceptionist know
       what questions I need asked of the caller and what
       information I require?
Answer:  We custom design our scripts to meet your needs.  Our programming department will design a screen layout that will allow our LiveAnswerReceptionists to ask the right questions of the right people.  You will need to complete a three page provisioning questionnaire.  This questionnaire will allow our LiveAnswerReceptionst to handle your phone callers with the same care and professionalism you do.

Question: How can I get my messages?
Answer:  You can choose the delivery method that works best for you, including e-mail, voice mail, fax, text message, or having your LiveAnswerReceptionist read your messages back to you. 

Question: Is there a limit to how many employees can receive
the same message?
Answer:  No, our system can be programmed to deliver the same message to multiple recipients at the same time.  The recipients can even be using different types of devices, such as one may receive the message on a cell phone, another on a pager, and others may simply receive the message as a notification on their e-mail. 
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