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The Best Receptionist You've Ever Had
With Live Answer Receptionist, your calls are answered in the name of your company or any other greeting you'd like.  Next, we screen each call according to your exact instructions.  We then dial your extension (or any other number you've left with us), and announce the call to you.  It's the same connectivity and performance you'd expect from hiring a receptionist, with the exception that we don't physically come to your office. LiveAnswerReceptionist works with any phone system and any number of employees, providing individualized support to each member of your company.

The Best Staff In Town
Our LiveAnswerReceptionist staff truly represents the best receptionists in town. We've gone through the process of interviewing, hiring and training the best local candidates, and they're ready to be your receptionist with a single phone call from you.

Full Coverage
Because LiveAnswerReceptionist is more than one person, you'll never have to worry about gaps in your phone coverage due to lunch breaks, vacations or even sick days. You'll also have the support of twenty four roll-over lines for incoming calls, so your callers never receive a busy signal.

Highly Personalized
LiveAnswerReceptionist is highly customized.  We use advanced CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) to keep our staff up to speed on your latest needs, and you can call throughout the day to add or change anything about the way we handle your calls. Each member of your company can update their preferences and other information as frequently as they need to.

Since using Live Answer (approximately one year), the business has run so much smoother with the telephone answering and messaging assistance of Leslie.  Leslie's telephone demeanor is professional and friendly and she has done a phenomenal job.
Knowing that the business telephones are being answered with a friendly voice and by someone who can funnel calls appropriately, has given me much needed time to focus on the design and production aspects of the business.  Leslie has become an important asset to the success of my business.
Matt Crane
Matthew's Design
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