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Live Answer Receptionist employs some of the finest receptionists in the industry and utilizes the latest technology money can buy.  Our Virtual Receptionist will answer your phone on the first ring and our LiveAnswerReceptionist will make every effort to do the same.  We can record all messages, separate general messages from emergencies and provide full-proof dispatching of all emergency calls, to insure that a call is never lost.
Every service is individually tailored to fit your specific needs...

At Live Answer Receptionist, our objective is to let you run the most important elements of your company and outsource your phone management to us.  We will leverage your time with our phone system that will allow your business or practice to run virtually on its own while you are in the office or out in the field.  Our state of the art technology systems will not only advertise your business and route callers to various departments for message consolidation, we can connect callers to you or your staff live in the field, and much, much more.

Whether you have a home based business or one that keeps you constantly in the field, Live Answer Receptionist can help you integrate all of your communications into one very effective network without having to purchase or install any equipment.  You simply forward your main phone number to us and you will have instant access to our technology.

Our Virtual Receptionist is an automated system that if your business paid for would run in the thousands of dollars.  This first class technology can be your new Call Systems Manager and can be made available to you for a nominal monthly fee.

Live Answer Receptionist is an outsourced professional answering service that is so affordable, it's within the reach of any business or physician's practice.  Your calls will be answered by a highly trained telephone operator handling your calls just like your own personal receptionist.  We will answer your forwarded calls when you cannot answer them yourself (or simply don't want to).  We will answer in your company name exactly how you specify.  Instead of getting your voicemail, your callers are greeted by a polite professional operator who is expert at coaxing even hesitant callers to leave a message and their contact details to ensure you don't miss any messages or lose any leads.  This is also great for appointment scheduling. These messages are instantly sent to you by email and SMS.

You can also have your callers directed to your Voicemail or even have your LiveAnswerReceptionist screen the call utilizing Live Answer Call Management.  You can choose to take the call or ask your receptionist to take a written message or offer your voicemail or email, or all of these, it is up to you.

Your business sounds bigger. You never miss important calls.  You will wonder what you ever did without your own personal LiveAnswerReceptionist.
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