The business case for Live Answer Receptionist and your bottom line

By the time a potential customer has found your number and picked up the phone, you are pretty close to winning their business. That's why it's vital that all calls are handled professionally.  Many businesses create a less than ideal first impression, not to mention give away their companie's true size. 

Live Answer Receptionist makes sound business sense
1.  New callers get a better first impression. New callers will assume that you conduct business with the same professionalism that you answer on their first call.  They're judging you, so don't blow it!

2.  People will prefer to do business with you because you are easier to do business with. Callers never get an impersonal answering machine, and you are much more likely to get their message.

3.  All this means more sales. Unlike voicemail which drives sales leads away, Live Answer Receptionist allows you to fully capitalize on sales leads generated by your advertising, leading to increased sales closure and therefore increased profitability.

4.  You may even be able to charge more.  By giving callers a better experience, LiveAnswerReceptionist increases the perceived quality of your customer service, meaning that you may be able to charge more. Remember, people are often prepared to pay a premium for quality and reliability, believing that they will save time and money in the long run.

Voicemail is fine for individual use, but for serious businesses, voicemail won't cut it.  Many people don't like leaving messages, and will simply call one of your competitors instead.

So why not hire a full-time secretary?  Small businesses experience much more irregular call patterns than large ones.  Sometimes days go by with no new leads.  Sometimes it seems that all  your  prospects call in a single afternoon.  Potential customers are looking for and deserve professional service from a company they can depend on, and their early impressions of you will depend on how well you answer their first call.

LiveAnswerReceptionist is the perfect solution for the business that cannot afford or justify employing a full-time secretary, but appreciates the need to give all callers the best impression. Translated into profits, LiveAnswerReceptionist ensures that sales leads don't get away, making it good for your bottom line.

Why Use A Virtual Receptionist Service

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